Project partners

Best Foot Forward Ltd

Best Foot Forward Ltd (BFF) is a sustainability consultancy based in Oxford, specialising in sustainability metrics, resource flow and ecological footprint analyses. BFF have developed the EcoIndex™ and Stepwise™ methodologies, based on ecological footprint, which can be used to calculate the environmental impact and sustainability of a product, organisation, process, lifestyle or region. BFF's ecological footprint of the Isle of Wight was voted Overall Winner at the Biffaward Awards 2001, and their Environmental Report 2002 won an ACCA UK Award for Best SME reporter in the Environmental Reporting Category. Some other publications include: Scotland's Footprint, Material Health (a mass balance and ecological footprint of the NHS) and City Limits (a resource flow and ecological footprint of Greater London, and a Biffaward 2003 finalist in the R&D category).


In December 1997, Biffa Waste Services agreed to donate landfill tax credits to the Royal Society for Nature Conservation (RSNC) to administer under the fund name Biffaward. Grants made from the fund currently amount to more than £63 million, supporting many worthwhile environmental projects.

Biffaward Programme on Sustainable Resource Use


This report forms part of the Biffaward Programme on Sustainable Resource Use. The aim of this programme is to provide accessible, well-researched information about the flows of different resources through the UK economy based either singly, or on a combination of regions, material streams or industry sectors.


Information about material resource flows through the UK economy is of fundamental importance to the cost-effective management of resource flows, especially at the stage when the resources become 'waste'.

In order to maximise the Programme's full potential, data will be generated and classified in ways that are both consistent with each other, and with the methodologies of the other generators of resource flow/waste management data.

In addition to the projects having their own means of dissemination to their own constituencies, their data and information will be gathered together in a common format to facilitate policy making at corporate, regional and national levels.

More than 30 different mass balance projects have been funded by Biffaward. For more information on the Mass Balance UK programme please visit

Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD) is Europe's leading climate change and sustainable energy company with a specialist UK staff of 45 across four regional locations, and offices in Nairobi and Sofia. Affiliates in every European country and in most commerce regions beyond. ESD works across the carbon climate change market. Shaping the carbon market through policy, market mechanism development and trading. Building low carbon strategies for commercial and public clients and managing its effective delivery through low carbon and sustainable energy implementation. Helping clients to realise the new carbon market opportunities in the UK, Europe and internationally.

The Rudloe Centre for Climate Change Solutions

A joint venture between Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd (ESD), the University of Bath and Alkemi Park plc. The Rudloe Centre seeks to produce low carbon technological innovations to mitigate climate change.

South West England Environment Trust (SWEET)

The South West England Environmental Trust (SWEET) is a dynamic organisation whose primary aim is to ensure that monies made available through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme (LTCS) are used to the maximum benefit of all those involved. Their role is to assist projects and sponsors to achieve sustainable waste management and improve the social, economic and natural environment of local communities at local, regional and national level.

South West Regional Development Agency

The South West of England Regional Development Agency (SW RDA) was established in 1999. Its most important responsibility is to ensure the long-term economic success of the region through providing conditions in which businesses can thrive, and to encourage individuals, businesses and communities in areas with greater social and economic needs to take advantage of new opportunities. The SW RDA are also responsible for providing regional economic leadership by gathering and sharing best intelligence, and promoting the South West both in the UK and abroad.