The South West England Environment Trust (SWEET) is the Entrust approved Environmental Body which commissioned Stepping Forward, with work undertaken by Best Foot Forward Ltd. (also project management) and Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD). The project was funded by Biffaward with a contribution from the South West Regional Development Agency.

Advisory Group

SWEET wish to acknowledge the generous help and support of the project advisory group:

Sally Campbell SWEET (Advisory Group Chair)
Nicky Chambers & Nicola Jenkin Best Foot Forward Ltd.
Rachel Child & Neil Evans Energy for Sustainable Development
Peter Jones Biffa Waste Services Ltd.
Donna Sibley Environment Agency
Nick Chase South West Regional Assembly
Jonathan Coe & Simon Hooton South West Regional Development Agency
Lucy Goldring Sustainability South West
Geoff Hammond University of Bath
Julian Dennis & Gareth Jones Wessex Water
Lisa Agutter & Mark Ellis-Jones WWF South West

Project team

Nicky Chambers
Nicola Jenkin
Kevin Lewis
Craig Simmons
Claire Stentiford
George Vergoulas
Best Foot Forward Ltd.
Rachel Child
Neil Evans
Ian Hilton
Mark Whiteley
Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD)